Why Sakhiya Skin Clinic For HAIR TRANSPLANT ?

» Most advanced Techniques
» Various Techniques according to your needs
» International safety Protocols
» Performed by Experienced Doctors
» Affordable Cost


At Sakhiya skin clinic we have highly-trained in the latest techniques, state of the art facilities, the affiliated hair transplant surgeons who provide industry-leading hair restoration tailored to your specific needs. The surgeons have decades of invaluable experience and have performed hair transplants procedures for thousands of satisfied patients.

We’re proud to solely perform hair transplants using DHI – Direct Hair Implant, FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction technology, the very latest form of hair transplants. It’s an exacting, highly technical non – invasive procedure with remarkable, natural-looking results.

Client’s Testimonial

The story of Mr. Sanjay Sharma’s hair restoration, all the way of Canada to India